Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

We are an experienced team of professional and pet lovers dedicated to making lab testing stress-free, convenient and more affordable. We attach real value to evidence based veterinary practice and we rely on laboratory tests for decision making and patient management.

We partner with key market leaders in lab diagnostics such as Lancet Kenya (Weka link) to get the best reliable for our patients and improve clinical outcomes. We have also invested in quick tests kits that give results in minutes leading to informed management plans.

Tests are not only run for disease diagnosis but for health check and certification for travel

Our most common tests include

  • Haematology
    • Complete Blood Count
  • Clinical chemistry
    • Liver function tests
    • Kidney function tests
    • Hormonal and enzymatic tests
  • Cytology
    • Fine needle biopsies
    • Urine cytology
    • Vaginal Cytology
  • Fluid analysis
    • Joint fluid
    • Urine
  • Histology
    • Biopsy analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Serology

Our Core Values

  • We uphold Professionalism, because this is what defines us
  • Are Patient-Centered to offer the best individualized care to each and every patient
  • Value Integrity as it is the modus operandi of our refined corporate entity
  • Are Passionate about what we do because it is our new lifestyle
  • Are Compassionate and go beyond just being vets but pet lovers
  • Are Accountable to you and your loved furballs.


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We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all pets.

our facilities meet specific standards set out by our profession including equipment requirements, proper patient record keeping, safe drug storage, medical reference library and orderly and sanitary premises