Health Checks & Certification


Health Checks & Certificates

Pet health begins with preventive care. For healthy young pets, Semi-annual veterinary exams are advised to help ensure that your pet’s health is on point. This keeps away surprises. Such checks, just like for you are helpful to predict and diagnose chronic diseases early, improving treatment efficacy and keeping your pet healthy and happy.
Our veterinarians undertake comprehensive physical exams assess every aspect of your pet’s health, including but not limited to: Ear Exam, Eye Exam, Oral/Dental Exam, Skeletal Exam, Reproductive System Exam, Internal Health Evaluation, Neurological Evaluation, Cardiovascular Evaluation, Nutrition Consultation, Behaviour Counselling.

Our Core Values

  • We uphold Professionalism, because this is what defines us
  • Are Patient-Centered to offer the best individualized care to each and every patient
  • Value Integrity as it is the modus operandi of our refined corporate entity
  • Are Passionate about what we do because it is our new lifestyle
  • Are Compassionate and go beyond just being vets but pet lovers
  • Are Accountable to you and your loved furballs.


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We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all pets.

our facilities meet specific standards set out by our profession including equipment requirements, proper patient record keeping, safe drug storage, medical reference library and orderly and sanitary premises